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2021年11月19日 : Store opening information

2021November 18, 2010 : We had a sales event.

202111-15 day : 11Month shop 100 months old sale

202111-9 pm : About high school new graduate recruitment

2021In October 21. : 10Month shop 100 months old sale


Now in modern times, easily examined for disorders such as Autism or down syndrome. Fault name and features only one person walking are a variety of tools to good use, but not uncommon case.

Prevention of new coronavirus infection

As a measure to prevent the new coronavirus infection, we ask everyone who came to the company to request temperature measurement and hand disinfection, and fill in the visit record.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Plan for improvement of specific treatment of welfare and nursing care staff, etc.

Plan for improvement of treatment and improvement of specific treatment 1

Plan for improvement of treatment and improvement of specific treatment 2

Plan for Improvement of Treatment and Specific Treatment 3

Plan for Improvement of Treatment and Specific Treatment 4

Regulations for Responding to Abuse Prevention

Regulations for Preventing Abuse 1

Regulations for Preventing Abuse 2

Regulations for Preventing Abuse 3

Regulations for Preventing Abuse 4

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The Kasai Symbiotic Activity Center was started with the desire to create a society where people with disabilities and healthy people can coexist.
We want to value the feeling of learning from people with disabilities in the philosophy of symbiosis.
Our job is to support people with disabilities. How can people with disabilities live lively? It is essential to develop individuals, develop groups, and advance society. I feel that we can learn how to live through the support of people with disabilities, and at the same time become a place for human development.
It may be a commonly used word, but work makes people, people make jobs. Healthy people and people with disabilities can grow together. I want to be such a workplace.
I would like to work business management with everyone's understanding. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
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